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The owners of Crumb Catering





This dedicated team, a classic daddy-daughter dynamic duo, offer a unique twist on catering! Running their business out of a quaint town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Jeff and Kayleigh strive to serve locally grown, fresh, and organic food to their clients. Running a successful business with family can be difficult, but these two make it look easy!

With excellent communication and team work, motivated by the desire to "WOW" their clients with every dish, they work together to accomplish that goal!

Taste and presentation is everything and these two unlikely partners do not disappoint! 

crumb catering owner jeff johnston


My name is Jeff.

When I was young, I watched my mother hand make everything from scratch. She slaved away and put love into every dish she made. You could tell when you took the first bite that it was the real deal!

I opened Crumb Catering with that idea in mind!

We work with our clients and get to know them in order to ensure they are not only happy with our services, but also have  the peace of mind of knowing we are doing it right! I love doing what I am passionate about, and being able to do it with family is the icing on top of the cake! 


I'm Kayleigh!

Growing up, I always loved being involved with the cooking that went on in our kitchen.

Being able to continue this with my dad is truly a blessing.

I remember making cookie dough back in the day and learning the differences between using melted butter and softened butter and all the different variations and outcomes you can make. From that point I knew I wanted to be able to explore culinary creativity that would naturally bring people together. 

At Crumb Catering, we aim to do just that! 

crumb catering owner kayleigh roemer
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